Hôtel Les Bougainvilliers

Plage de L’Hermitage


Two steps away from Saint Gilles les bains seaside resort, is Hermitage famous for its magnificent tropical beach, its lagoon and good restaurants.

We are located  300 meters from this magnificent place and we will be delighted to host you in our  12 room family hotel

From our location you will be able to go touring  on the entire island and Discover all the enchanting places of Reunion Island.

We offer you a small piece of paradise, a peaceful environment with a kitchen and a swimming pool.  

The reception is open from 8 am to 7 pm (local hour. For Europ: - 3 hours).


Ruelle des Bougainvilliers, 27 L'Hermitage

97434 Saint Gilles les Bains   Tél/fax : 02 62 33 82 48


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